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About Me

With over 20 years of experience, I've excelled in evaluating technical and non-technical processes. My expertise lies in designing and implementing automation and workflow systems to standardize processes, eliminate manual tasks, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and establish best practices. As a leader, I've provided process consulting and innovative business solutions to new clients. Through process transformation and continuous process reengineering, I've streamlined operations, exceeded quality standards, achieved significant cost savings, and secured a competitive edge in client services.

  • Full Name : Aravind Unnikrishnan
  • Career : Feb 2001 - till date
  • Passion : Problem Solving, Business & Software Analysis, Exploring, Designing and Building Solutions
  • Domain Expertise : EV Operations, Logistics, Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Manufacturing, Telecom, Sales & Marketing and exploring...
  • Roles : Played diversified roles to support business needs.

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Operations Lead

As the head of 24x7 IT ground operations for an Electric Vehicle brand, I oversee critical functions like CRM, Inventory, Bike Delivery, Battery Swap, Payments, Integrations, Marketing, Service Center, and Call Center. My focus is on ensuring uninterrupted business operations and elevating customer satisfaction across B2C, B2B, and B2B2C channels, achieved through continuous stakeholder interaction and process enhancement.

Solution Architect

I have played a pivotal role in crafting technological solutions that drive business process optimization with the utmost efficiency. My achievements revolve around the seamless integration of technology and business, resulting in automation solutions that significantly boost productivity and streamline operations.

Business Analyst

My analytical prowess, out-of-the-box thinking, and meticulous understanding of business processes have consistently delivered substantial contributions to process enhancements. This ability transcends industry boundaries, allowing me to drive improvements in diverse domains and work environments, resulting in more efficient and effective operations.

Software Analyst

My in-depth comprehension of existing applications and software empowers me to explore avenues for continuous improvement. Through strategic Robotic Process Automation (RPA) integrations and enhancements, I've consistently achieved desired outcomes, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in various operational contexts.

Project Manager

I've successfully led the full spectrum of projects to enhance organizational performance. My skill lies in harmonizing the efforts of multifaceted teams, uniting their strengths and expertise towards a common goal, consistently achieving success and improving the organization.


I've efficiently migrated a telecom project from OnShore to OffShore operations using a train-the-trainer approach. By standardizing business rules, creating comprehensive training manuals, and implementing systematic production and quality management processes, I ensured a smooth and successful transition, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

Quality Manager

I've spearheaded the Quality team, driving improvements in project quality through the establishment of systematic audit and reporting processes. I've successfully implemented quality tools and procedures for in-depth error analysis and addressing process gaps, leveraging technological solutions to enhance overall project quality and efficiency.

Case Studies

  • Project Scope : Continuous Improvement, Quality Improvement
  • Project Duration : Ongoing
  • Challenges : 100+ Variations; Non Standard Images & Work Instructions, Client Proprietary Workflow
  • Role : Solution Architect, Business Analyst
  • Technical Approach : Selenium Framework, MySQL, OCR, Data Mining, C# Wrapper Application
  • Outcome : Acheived client quality incentive worth 25% of project revenue/annum

Voice Of Customer :
The quality requirement for one of the LTL Freight client was critical (>99%) and with client single key process, it was very difficult to achieve the requirement resulting in quality issues and having operations more dependent on people to extract quality.

Activities :
• Worked with the Quality team to analyse business processes, identify automation opportunities, and assess automation feasibility
• Provided architecture design and guidance to the engineering team to create a quality augmentation workflow using multiple RPA techniques
• The RPA techniques included of extracting the images automatically from the local system, performing OCR on the images, identify critical field data available in the image and perform an auto compare before the agent submits the transaction in client application
• Designed and implemented a proprietary audit workflow as a plugin for existing client workflow to audit outgoing data with configurable sampling techniques and minimize errors reaching client


  • Project Scope : Automate Repetative Tasks, Quality Improvement
  • Project Duration : 2 Months
  • Challenges : No Third Party softwares for RPA, Client Proprietary Workflow, Standalone Application required (as per Client Requirement)
  • Role : Solution Architect, Business Analyst
  • Technical Approach : Windows Automation Framework, Data Mining, C# Wrapper Application
  • Outcome : Achieved cost savings worth 20% of salary cost/annum

Voice Of Customer :
One of the fortune 100 logistics company operations required some process improvement or automation techniques to be implemented but limited to the fact that we can’t be using any third party software or invest reoccurring cost for the initiative. Also the company is adhered to PCI standards; security and performance are vital parameters.

Activities :
• Involved in Business Logic implementation / coding standard review as per the design and security specifications
• Involved in Technical assessment, Feasibility and design, development and implementation of BOTs
• Excelled at collaborating with clients and their dependent technical teams & other stakeholders to meet or exceed design, quality, timeline and functional expectations
• Designed & implemented keystroke reduction modules (project dictionary) which increased the productivity


  • Project Scope : Case Management Workflow
  • Project Duration : 3 Months
  • Challenges : Rampup of 150+ users across 3 locations, Renewal of Existing Software Terminated
  • Role : Solution Architect, Developer, Business Analyst
  • Technical Approach : REACT JS, C# API, SQL, AZURE Services
  • Outcome : Reduced the monthly project cost by 85%

Voice Of Customer :
One of the fortune 100 logistics company operations uses a third party case management software to route and manage the failure delivery cases to be analyzed by agent. The third party software incur a monthly user license cost from the company managing the agents. The third party software also lacks implementation of project based quality and business procedures. The project margin is also hit with the license cost.

Activities :
• A proprietary case management solution was proposed to the Corporate SMT
• Worked closely with key stakeholders in understanding and documenting their specific requirements and identifying pain points. Created a Solution Design Document (SDD)
• Involved in creating and implementing Business Logic as per the design and security specifications through REST API
• Provided software architecture for Azure cloud based operations
• Mapped client’s requirements by maintaining trend/analysis based on daily quality scores, implementing audits in line with the guideline specified by the client to streamline the Quality Process

Case Management Workflow Document

Products - Designed and Developed


Human Resource Management system was a continual improvement product. Proprietary product developed from the scratch and evolved to suit various operational changes. Onboarding, Policy Acknowledgement, Employee transfer/hike history, Leave Management, PMS linked with HRMS to create an effective cost center model. The employee database for the operations is completely managed by the HR team


A generic Production Management System framework developed with key parameters. The framework is customized and incorporated for every project based on Client SLA for Operations to collect metrics from every associate to report the efficiency in terms of man hours and delivery and provide input to the QMS


The Quality Management Systems comprise of Audit workflows and Client specific reporting models. Sampling algorithms support the audit workflow to have the right data for audit and also comply with the Client SLA on quality.

MIS Reporting

Realtime reporting to the operations on the project inflow and outflow for an efficient line balancing and manage the project associates to cross utilize based on the peak and idle hours.

Incentive Algorithms

Realtime and Post data calculation of production incentive linked with Attendance, Delivery, ManHours worked and Quality bring out a robust data to finally award and recognize outstanding associates for their contributions to meet the Client SLA



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